Women's Health

Cannsun is committed to improving women’s health issues by educating women on the importance of healthy habits.

An evolving list of pharmaceutical and botanical products designed specifically with women’s health in mind. 

Cannabidiol’s interaction with serotonergic receptors may relieve some PMS symptoms, specifically depression and anxiety.

Cannsun Women of Influence Podcast

Ann Brum Joint Venture

Ann Brum – Episode 11

  Ann Brum, an industry professional, and founder of Joint Venture & Co., a Boston-based business development agency, has embarked on a very ambitious goal; to make any client; from

Dr. Sandra Carrillo Cannabis Podcast

Dr. Sandra Carrillo – Episode 10

  Dr. Sandra Carrillo earned her Medical Doctor degree from Universidad CES in Medellin, Colombia. She holds a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine from Baleares Island University in Spain and

Prof Nox Makunga

Nokwanda Makunga – Episode 9

South Africa is ranked in the top three countries globally when it comes to plant and marine species endemism (species found nowhere else on earth).The diversity and uniqueness of South

Nokwanda Makunga

Nokwanda Makunga – Episode 8

  Nokwanda Pearl (Nox) Makunga is a Professor of Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University. Early life and education Makunga grew up in Alice in the Eastern Cape, and attended a private boarding school in Grahamstown. Her father, Oswald,

Walaya Ardla

Walaya Ardla – Episode 7

Interview with Walaya Ardla Skill Highlights -Pharmaceutical experience in pharmaceutical service especially Inpatient Department -Manage drug inventory, order medication, and supplies for replenishment -The lecturer of Alcohol pharmacology for nurse

Constance Finley Founder CEO Constance Therapeutics

Constance Finley – Episode 6

  Constance Therapeutics Constance Finley is a California-based businesswoman and social activist. She is the founder of Constance Therapeutics, one of California’s veteran medical marijuana companies who’s extracts have changed the

Rena Sherbill Cannabis Podcast

Rena Sherbill – Episode 5

  Rena Sherbill Host of Seeking Alpha’s Cannabis Investing Podcast and Senior Editor. I graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism, moved to Israel pretty soon after

Franny Tacy Owner of Franny's Farmacy

Franny Tacy – Episode 3

  Franny Tacy Franny Tacy, Owner of Franny’s Farmacy, is the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina in over 75 years. Franny is one of the preeminent experts of

Dr. Lola Ohonba

Dr. Lola Ohonba – Episode 2

  Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist President/Founder WCI HEALTH LLC (Alternative Health & Wellness Online Store) Dr. Ohonba is the founder and CEO of WCI

Rachel Colic Cannabis Cannsun

Rachel Colic – Episode 1

  Rachel Colic Founder & Chief Strategist, YCREATIVE Co-Host & Producer, The High Friends Podcast Host & Producer, Cannabis TV Founder, Eves of Eden Founder, Boss Ladies Of Cannabis (BLOC)

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