Nature's Healthcare

We are a global healthcare company that provides innovative solutions for health and wellbeing by developing botanical based adaptogens, cosmetics and novel drug products

Cannsun is a vertically integrated bioceutical and medical cannabis company. Our focus is clinical research and science based product development.

Research & Development

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Medical Cannabis

Botanical Wellness

Global Market

Solutions with global reach

Manufacturing facilities located in South Africa and Thailand serving our European and Asian partners

Key manufacturing and distribution hubs

Cannsun Women of Influence

Ann Brum Joint Venture

Ann Brum – Episode 11

  Ann Brum, an industry professional, and founder of Joint Venture & Co., a Boston-based business development agency, has embarked on a very ambitious goal; ...
Dr. Sandra Carrillo Cannabis Podcast

Dr. Sandra Carrillo – Episode 10

  Dr. Sandra Carrillo earned her Medical Doctor degree from Universidad CES in Medellin, Colombia. She holds a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine from Baleares ...
Prof Nox Makunga

Nokwanda Makunga – Episode 9

South Africa is ranked in the top three countries globally when it comes to plant and marine species endemism (species found nowhere else on earth).The ...
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