Ann Brum – Episode 11

Ann Brum, an industry professional, and founder of Joint Venture & Co., a Boston-based business development agency, has embarked on a very ambitious goal; to make any client; from a timid first-time cannabis user to a large dispensary to a healthcare organization, comfortable with both personal and business decisions in the cannabis and wellness arena.

For the past 10 years, Ann has dedicated herself to deciphering and clarifying these industries through information, support and organizational development. The emerging medical marijuana and adult-use market, along with a seemingly endless amount of wellness services, has overwhelmed consumers and the public.  She achieves this goal by creating authentic, connected experiences and out-of-the-box thinking between the public, community organizations, and industry.

Joint Venture & Co. is an extension of her personal dedication to promoting wellness by delivering real-time information on the cannabis market.  Her pride lies in facilitating health exploration of wellness alternatives while reducing risk. These goals are achieved through informed decision making, support, information and clarity to the market, consumers and health care professionals.

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