Research & Development

We are actively driving research and development globally with partnerships specializing in the fields of interest. Our focus is to develop botanical based pharmaceutical medicine for in-market use globally

Combination Drug
“Super Generic”

• Treatment of diabetes with the combination of a generic pharmaceutical and cannabinoid molecule
• Preclinical Trial–Q2 2021 with a major University in Greece

Cannabinoid combination with Turmeric

• 8 separate trials for indications of Parkinson’s, chronic pain, liver cancer, insomnia, anorexia, migraine, psoriasis
• Total trial size 12,500 participants in Thailand Q3/Q4 2021

Psilocybe Cubensis

• Cultivation application submitted to SAHPRA for grow and cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms
• Psilocybin will be used for R&D purposes, cultivation and extraction of psilocybin molecule
• GMP Lab construction 2021

CBD Suppository

• Vaginal suppository for the treatment and prevention of BV and PMS symptoms such as cramping and pain
• In product development stage with preclinical trial planned for Q3 2021

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