DUBLIN, IRELAND, October 7, 2020 / — Cannsun, a 103 year old Bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing new medicines to optimize human potential with operations in South Africa, Greece, Thailand and Lesotho, today announced the initiation of collaboration with multiple research institutions on the use of Psilocybin for the treatment of depression and anxiety on HIV positive women in Africa.

Globally a large focus has gone into treating HIV, very little input and focus has been given to treating the depression and depressive symptoms (Alcohol and drug abuse) related to patients being diagnosed with HIV. Since the number of women in studies is increasing, evidence for clinically meaningful differences between men and women across all areas of health and disease has emerged. The World Health Organization ranks major depressive disorder (MDD) as the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide and projects that by 2020 it will be the second leading cause due to currently unexplained increasing prevalence in recent cohorts. Hormones have a significant impact on woman’s emotions and moods throughout their lifetime. Women with depression or anxiety disorders may experience worse symptoms of PMS further impacting quality of life. Worldwide, women account for an estimated 48 percent of adults ages 15 to 49 who are living with HIV or AIDS. In sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV is spread mainly through heterosexual activity, women account for 55 percent of infected adults.

Cannsun’s primary objective is to investigate the safety and feasibility of psilocybin in patients with treatment-resistant depression, and to establish an initial impression of its efficacy. Our near-term milestones are to finalize collaboration agreements we have in place and initiate the protocols for our psilocybin trials.

“Our team with a strong pharmaceutical background has progressed the development and rationale to initiate planning and protocols for the research on psilocybin and its impact on HIV positive female patients. Cannsun is an African company committed to Africa, we believe this type research is critical to women in Africa and around the world, its important for Cannsun to be a leader in this field. Cannsun is committed to utilize science and create medicine that can have a positive impact on their well-being. As we progress into product development it is essential to have scientific evidence to bring medicine to market, we are advancing in many fronts to offer alternatives to traditional medicine. We are pleased to move forward and push the envelope on botanical science.” commented President and Chief Executive Officer of Cannsun David Parry.

For more information on women’s health and Cannsun’s product development, please visit our Women’s Health portal.

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First established in 1918 and now with new management and ownership, Cannsun is re-emerging as a science-led, global, healthcare company focused on leveraging its existing infrastructure and reputation in the manufacture and distribution of established healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, as well as building a vertically integrated cannabinoid division. The Company currently distributes products to thousands of healthcare professionals and pharmacies in 21 countries. Our current projected growth will enable us to deepen and extend our reach, so that we can help people everywhere live better, healthier lives.


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