Areas of Operation


Cannsun addresses some of the most impactful and devastating illnesses and ailments people face globally with our wide range of prescription and over the counter medications which we develop, manufacture and distribute. Cannsun’s prescription drugs are for treatment of disorders with central nervous system, cardiovascular & oncology.

Skin Care

Cannsun brings its unique perspective as a formative healthcare company together with our innovative research and development to create high quality, high performance cosmetics. Our products are all designed to have you looking and feeling your best. Greek derived cosmetic formulations with natural botanicals and cannabinoids that repair your skin, protect your skin and allow you to feel amazing, throughout the day.

Cannsun Women is at the forefront of the effective treatment of menstrual pain, PMS & infections utilizing cannabinoids and psychedelics. In line with our ethos, helping people live better, long lives, we seek to provide a high quality range of supplements for ensure your body is taking in all the essential nutrients to keep it performing optimally throughout the day, guarding it against certain infections.


Cannsun is producing botanical based supplements with cannabinoids. These adaptogens are specially formulated to help out patients to decrease pain, improve consistent energy, enlighten moods and rest well at night. 


Cannabis Cultivation & Extraction

Cannsun aspires to be a global leader in the development of medical cannabinoid solutions, to benefit millions globally. Cannabis’s revolutionary properties pose it as a game changing source of medical potential. Cannsun’s medical cannabis is grown and distributed with the patient in mind. Cannabinoid extraction for consistent and safe API for medical uses.

Cannsun Medhel cannabis pharmaceutical farm
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