TASK is a multinational, multi-site clinical research institute committed to improving global health through testing and progressing novelty medicines, vaccines and diagnostics in various therapeutic areas.

TASK provides world class clinical trial services with cost-efficient, timeous and accurate outcomes for Sponsors. This is achieved through the dedicated Phase I unit in Utrecht in collaboration with UMC Utrecht, as well as 6 clinical sites in South Africa offering Phase I – IV trial services from protocol development through to statistical analysis.

TASK’s vision of better healthcare for everyone drives their mission to provide a platform for the development of novelties in healthcare that benefit the community.

TASK’s first trial was conducted in 2005. To date the company has completed more than 100 projects for both international sponsors as well as consortiums, consisting of top academic and government institutions. TASK is a partner in the biggest Tuberculosis (TB) consortium in history with the ambitious goal of creating a new TB regiment.

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