V Protect – Biocide Antiseptic solution

V Protect is a powerful antiseptic solution made by Cannsun Medhel and based on World Health Organization’s (WHO) formulation II

V Protect contains 75% solution of isopropyl alcohol with purity 99.8%

V Protect is skin friendly, prevents dryness and dermatitis caused by constant use of antiseptics

Based on international bibliography, this formulation eliminates Coronaviruses in 30’’

V Protect formulation:

  • 75% solution of isopropyl alcohol with purity 99.8%
  • 0,123% solution of hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • 0,725% v/v glycerol 98%
  • Sterile water
  • Packages tailored to market needs (5L, 1L, 500mL, 100mL)

How to use:

Wash & dry hands. Apply a small amount (approx. 3mL) to palms & spread over hands & lower forearms, paying special attention to cuticles & creases in skin.
Rub in well until skin is dry. Drying hands is not necessary as product will evaporate leaving skin refreshed & sanitized. Avoid contact with clothes & fabric.

Storage information:

Store in original sealed container and protect from

EOF license number 42940/26-05-2020

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