Combined 70 years of pharmaceutical sales, distribution and product development expertise

ATHENS, GREECE February 19, 2020 – Cannsun, is pleased to announce the addition of several key personnel to the Greece operations team who collectively upgrade our expertise in product development, sales, distribution and relationship development.

Nickolas Korbis, General Manager. With a PhD in chemical engineering from Imperial College, London, Nickolas brings extensive technical background and expertise in pharmaceutical development. Nikolas has held management and executive positions with National Starch and Chemicals, Biotrek and was COO of Alapis S.A., a company that generated over 3.0 billion in pharmaceutical sales per year. Nikolas has been involved in over 40 M&A transactions and extensive exposure to global markets in his 28-year tenure in the industry.

Artemios Charalampakis, Chief Commercial Officer. Originally from Athens, Greece, Artemios holds a degree in earth sciences and an MBA from the University of Leicester specializing in International Marketing. Artemios has held executive and management positions with companies such as AstraZeneca, Abbot Laboratories and Alapis S.A. Artemios brings 20 years of commercial development and management experience in the pharmaceutical, food supplements and cosmetics industries throughout Europe.

Manos Angelakis, Chief Executive Officer of Cannsun Commercial. Born and raised in  Athens, Greece Manos graduated from the University of Athens, majoring in Physiotherapy. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from the London Metropolitan University. Manos has more than 20 years of senior-level management experience in risk management and with multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies.

“The extensive combination of skills and expertise that our new team members bring to Cannsun can only strengthen the ambitious global growth strategy we have for Cannsun. We are positioning ourselves to open new markets for the products Medhel is already manufacturing, distributing and selling into the pharmacy distribution channels,” said David Parry, CEO of Cannsun.

“We are looking forward to solidifying our position as a premier health products manufacturer and distributor. This is an exciting opportunity to build on our established market presence and advance our participation in a rapidly growing, emerging industry with our vertically integrated cannabinoid division.” Greg Bealer, Director of Finance commented.

About Cannsun
First established in 1918 and now with new management and ownership, Cannsun is re-emerging as a science-led, global, healthcare company focused on leveraging its existing infrastructure and reputation in the manufacture and distribution of established healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, as well as building a vertically integrated cannabinoid division. The Company currently distributes products to thousands of healthcare professionals and pharmacies in 21 countries. Our current projected growth will enable us to deepen and extend our reach, so that we can help people everywhere live better, healthier lives.

David Parry
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +30 693 603 5933

Angelakis Manos
Cannsun Commercial
Phone: +30 694 508 0880


Greg Bealer
Director of Finance
Phone: +1 780 970 3789


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